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Article: Martina Scott

Irish craft

Martina Scott

What do you make?

I make Hand screen printed framed drawings/designs on Irish linen.

Could you tell us a little bit about your studio? Favourite thing about the space and how do you get into the mindset of making?

I am in the process of building a studio, up until now I've been working in a conservatory-style space surrounded by windows light and plants both inside and out. The warm woody natural tones around me make me feel grounded and never far from the nature that inspires me.

What is your favourite tool and why?

My pencil is, and my Steadtler fine black pen and notebook because these are the first marks that are made as I work through ideas, I find it meditative and relaxing.

Can you describe the making process and inspiration behind your print collection?

Screen printing is a messy medium, which requires plenty of newspaper, pinnys and cloths. I develop my own screens and take great care to recreate the fine lines made by my pen. When printing I need to wipe my screens a lot to keep the line fine and clear. The colours I choose need to stand out against the natural Irish linen so I pick strong hues that in some way add to the image I created.

What led you to choosing this craft as a profession? What do you love most about it?

I love to draw, I get excited about drawings, preliminary sketches, anything that show the skeleton of the finished idea, I wanted to reproduce this and found screen printing fulfilled my desire to do this. I have found I like the variety of drawing and messy printmaking, I'm evolving and moving along within the medium, therefore my art is changing within this process.

We have a small selection of Martina's prints available through our online shop and wider selection along with some large framed prints available from our Drury Street shop. 

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